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Every day women who've hit their forties tell me how rubbish they feel, with most wondering if it's all in their heads. "What the hell is going on?" they ask me.

I created Stellar Women to help answer that question and to educate, empower, and inspire women to not leave the second half (and potentially the best half) of their lives unlived. 



Midlife is simply our halfway mark. Not a "crisis" but a time to reimagine what you want life to look, feel and mean for you. 

Stellar Women turns midlife on it's head and puts you in the drivers seat.

You don't need (or want) to live the second half of your life like your mother or your grandmother did. Midlife is not a crisis, although let's be honest some days can be a bit shitty! It is however an opportunity to achieve amazing things in the second half of your life. Being a Stellar Women means you're not doing it alone.

A community of stellar women

It doesn't just take a village to raise children. Find your midlife tribe with a community of Stellar Women.

Kick ass experts

Stop Googling your midlife questions. Stellar Women has a network of experts to educate and empower you.

VIP Events

Nothing beats sitting in a room with like minded women. We host regular events that educate & empower.

Midlife: Untamed and Reframed Membership

Be a part of a group that believe in flipping the old "midlife crisis" on it's head and are ready to live all of life. 

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UNRAVELED: Short, smart & sassy emails that unravel the good, the odd and the more hilarious moments of midlife


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Who is Sonya Lovell?

The Founder of Stellar Women by Sonya is a Personal Trainer with over 12 years experience. Sonya is a certified Women's Health & Performance Coach, owner of a successful women's gym on Sydney's Northern Beaches and Certified Nutrition Coach. Oh, she's also a Breast Cancer survivor who experienced surgical menopause when she was 47. You can be assured that Sonya knows a thing or two about helping women not only navigate their midlife years but also all the other hurdles that life can (and often does) throw at you along the way.

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