Every day women who've hit their forties tell me how rubbish they feel (insert exhausted, sore, brain dead, confused and/or pissed off!). With most wondering if it's even just all in their heads.

"What the hell is going on?" they ask me.

I created Stellar Women to help answer that question. To help women in perimenopause understand what's going on, why and what they can do about it!

If you're feeling confused, frustrated, exhausted and unsupported as you start to notice physical, emotional and cognitive changes, then you're in the right place.



Midlife is a time to tap into all of the wisdom and experience you've gained in your first half. An opportunity to step confidently into the spotlight during your second half.

Helping you understand what's going on during menopause, why and what the hell you can do about it!

You don't need (or want) to live through your menopausal transition like your mother or your grandmother did. Forget the hushed asides and lowered voices and f*%k brushing it under the rug!

Midlife is not a crisis, although let's be honest some days can be a bit shitty! It is however an opportunity to achieve amazing things in the second half of your life. Being a Stellar Women means you're not doing it alone.

A community of Stellar Women

The menopausal transition can be a lonely time for many women. When you join the Stellar Circle, you are never alone.

Kick ass experts

Stop Googling your midlife questions, that shit will confuse the hell out of you! Stellar Women has a network of experts to educate and empower you.

VIP Events

Nothing beats sitting in a room with like minded women. Launching later in 2022, we will host regular live events that educate & empower.

Become a Stellar Circle Member

Launching in July 2022, Stellar Circle members will enjoy access to monthly education masterclasses, resources, a private community, coaching and discounts to events.

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Who is Sonya Lovell?

Sonya is a Personal Trainer with over 12 years experience, turned Menopause Coach and Advocate. She's also a Breast Cancer survivor who experienced the chaos of surgical/induced menopause, when she was 47. Obsessed with helping and supporting women navigate their way through perimenopause and menopause, she leans heavily into her lived experience of being unsupported, unprepared and seriously under educated through her own menopause.

A lover of chocolate, a soak in the bath and a good Netflix series (often enjoyed together), Sonya's laugh lingers long after she's left the room. Her school reports made more reference to her ability to talk than her academic achievements and she's a living example of the little girl who was always told she was bossy, when she's simply a natural born leader.

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