Dear Menopause Ep 83: Dr Corinne Menn - Resources

Below are resources provided by Dr Corinne Menn as referred to in our podcast episode on Breast Cancer and Menopause Management

From Dr Menn:

Please note this is not medical advice. This is a resource list of some of the most important research and guidelines for managing menopause in the breast cancer survivor. Each study also has links to many other references.

I created this in response to seeing that most breast cancer survivors are not being informed of the current guidelines and science and are not being offered vaginal estrogen as a possible treatment option. Patients and doctors may find this helpful in shared decision-making when deciding on the care plan.

In addition to the studies below, I encourage all women and providers interested in the care of women at menopause, particularly how it relates to breast cancer to read the excellent scientific summary of the data in “Estrogen Matters” By Dr. Avrum Bluming and Dr. Carol Tavris.

If you are a patient or healthcare provider and you would like more information, please contact me! In the USA, I provide telehealth appointments, patient education-only consults, and physician education consults on caring for women in menopause.

Dr. Corinne Menn, D.O., FACOG, NCMP
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