Menopause memory loss and ongoing brain fog are common frustrations for many woman.

I was so concerned about my memory issues when I went through surgical menopause, I was certain it was actually a sign of early dementia!

And I think my GP at the time did too. (yes, ‘at the time’ because I’ve since changed GPs to someone who listens and has more experience with women’s health!) Which just freaked me out even more.

I was 47 and would find words literally disappearing off my tongue as I went to speak. Unbelievably frustrating for someone who talks as much as I do. 🙊 And who considers themselves to be highly articulate.

And of course there were all the trips to the kitchen/laundry/bathroom and then having no idea at all why I was there. Do you switch apps on your phone and then look at it wondering why the hell you opened that app when 5 seconds ago it was a high priority? Yep, that was me too.

What my GP had to say surprised the heck out of me!

When I raised my concerns with my GP, I was made to feel like it was completely out of the ordinary, quite concerning and something we would need to ‘keep an eye on’. I’d just finished 10 months of surgeries, chemo & radiotherapy for Breast Cancer and now I was looking down the barrel of early dementia. WTF!

I now know that this period of significant memory loss and brain fog was actually linked to the surgical menopause I had been thrust into. But hey – my GP didn’t take that into consideration at all. 🙄

So when I recently read the outcomes from a study conducted by UK based not for profit, Newson Health Research and Education looking at the impact of menopausal and perimenopausal symptoms upon women in the workplace, I was not surprised at all to read the following.

59% of participants had taken time off due to their peri and menopausal symptoms, and 50% of these women went on to resign or took early retirement due to their symptoms.

If you’re interested you can check out a summary of the survey and their findings >>> here. The data collected and the conclusions are pretty eye opening.

How about you?

Have you experienced bouts of memory loss, brain fog, the disappearance of words from your tongue?

Or have you experienced trying to talk to a GP or someone else about things and been fobbed off or felt not heard?

Both are freaking frustrating but with some understanding and some patience, both can also be managed. Let me know if I can help you with either, or with any other issues that are giving you a bit of a run around right now.

Want to know more?

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