Menopause, Yoga & You

with Sonya & Justine

at hum studio, dee why

Transform how you support yourself through menopause in one afternoon.

Join us to explore and better understand your experience of menopause.
You will leave the workshop with an understanding of how to support yourself and reconnected with your body.
No yoga experience is required.


November 6th

10am - 2pm

For you in perimenopause & beyond

Perimenopause and post menopause can leave some women feeling isolated, low in confidence, confused and anxious. For others it's a stroll on the beach. This happens because we are all unique.  

You may be feeling like...

  • your body has changed overnight and your temperature gauge is broken
  • sex is about as interesting as doing your tax
  • your brain has lost the capacity for memory and you haven't slept soundly for months or years
  • you're riding an unpredictable emotional roller coaster or you've simply had enough and want to run away & join the circus

Menopause is an inevitable stage of life but you do have choices: pretend to be okay when you are not OR accept what is happening, learn more about it and try to make it an experience that enriches your life.

As a personal trainer and menopause mentor, Sonya takes the science and confusion of perimenopause and breaks it down in a way that is easy to understand and relatable. You will learn from Sonya what's going on, why you feel the way you do and what you can do to eat, move and feel better.

And Justine, a qualified teacher of yoga for menopause, will help you to look within the practices of yoga to better support your mental and physical well-being. Yoga gives us the opportunity to expand awareness of our body, self-talk and perspective. With greater awareness comes opportunity for change and self acceptance.

Opening with a sharing circle, we will set our intent for the afternoon and connect whole-heartedly as a community of women.

Throughout the workshop we will provide bite sized bits of information and yoga practices, to...

• give you a basic understanding of what is happening biochemically during menopause
• hold space for you to safely share your concerns, experiences, questions
• offer ways to support yourself through your yoga practice and lifestyle choices
• help you to accept where you are and embrace this as an opportunity
• guide you throught a deeply relaxing yoga Nidra.

Who can participate? Women 18+ (No previous yoga experience is required for this workshop)

Limited to 20 participants

What you will learn.

Sonya will discuss the physiological changes of perimenopause.

Why your body and mind feels like it's falling apart.

What symptoms you might be experiencing. And what you can do to support your health?

Yoga and menopause.

Through the practice of yoga, Justine will show you how to reconnect with your body and enjoy pleasure in movement.

Build strength and support your sense of balance.

Shift energy to assist with restless sleep, stress relief.

Allow time for you.

Give yourself permission to step away for an afternoon and tune in to your body so you can recognise the signals it is sending you.

Our hope is you leave the workshop with an understanding of how important self care is at this time in your life.

Nourish yourself.

We will finish the afternoon with a Yoga Nidra.  

A type of guided meditation that translates as Yogic Sleep. Justine will guide you with instructions for body, breath and mind, leading you into a state of deep relaxation and expanded awareness.

Meet your workshop hosts.

Sonya Lovell

Sonya Lovell

PT and Menopause

about sonya

Sonya is a Personal Trainer with over 13 years experience, turned Menopause Mentor, Advocate and Story Teller.

She's also a Breast Cancer survivor who experienced the chaos of surgical/induced menopause, when she was 47.

Obsessed with helping and supporting women navigate their way through perimenopause and menopause, she leans heavily into her lived experience of being unsupported, unprepared and seriously under educated through her own menopause.

Justine Thompson

Yoga and Menopause

justine thompson

about justine

Justine is an Anusara Inspired™ yoga teacher with additional qualifications in teaching Yoga for Menopause after studying with Niamh Daly from Ireland. She is also trained in Yoga Nidra through the Amrit Yoga Institute.

She has a passion for spending time in nature and living as a student and practitioner of Hatha yoga. From her own experiences of perimenopause and beyond, she found the practices of yoga helped her to embrace the challenges & changes in her body & mind.

Anusara® Yoga is an alignment based practice that doesn't look to fix you but to reveal more of your innate wholeness. Helps to build self acceptance, to open your heart to life and to expand awareness. Drawing on the Tantric teachings, Anusara focuses on connection - inner & outer body, heart and mind, people to people and all as an aspect of the Whole.

Justine is a relaxed, easy going teacher who loves to move, explore & have some fun in the process.

What other's have said...

Tarnya Cooper

I loved the workshop. Justine's knowledge, bringing women together and openly talking about symptoms, stages and what’s to come was really empowering. Finishing the session with nidra was divine.

Monique Treder

Sonya provides her clients with a personalised & supported approach. She not only helps with exercise but your well being, mental & overall health. I cannot thank Sonya enough for helping me move out of a health rut.

Veronica Barber

I feel informed, relaxed and a little excited that we are going to be OK!

Comfortable in my own skin, something I haven't felt for so very long!

Only 20 spots are available for this workshop.

Join us at Hum Studio, Dee Why on Sunday 6th November 10am-2pm Tickets  $89.00